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Purple Turtle Consignment Boutique

This Lititz Staple Makes Fashion Affordable

You might see us add a bit of skip to our step when we turn down Kleine Lane in Lititz. Why? Because this special section of our little town is loaded with our favs, including Wilbur Chocolate, Greco’s Ice Cream, and affordable fashion at Purple Turtle Consignment Boutique. This sweet style spot is known for stocking high-end bags at affordable prices, and while we love that, it’s the people behind the counter that keep us coming back time and time again.

We recently talked to owner and Lititz local, Jenelle Hoover, about life as a small business owner in downtown Lititz. Here’s what we learned:

Venture Lititz: How long have you been in business?

Jenelle: The Purple Turtle has been in business for 12 years. I am the 3rd owner and bought it 3 years ago after working there part time for 5 years.

Venture Lititz: Why did you choose Lititz?

Jenelle: I love Lititz! We have lived here for ten years and are embedded in the community with work, sports and children at Warwick High School, Middle School, and Lititz Elementary. Owning a business in Lititz seemed like a very natural next step, and I can’t say enough about the support from Venture Lititz and the Merchant’s Association. Even though we are all individual small businesses, we are part of an incredible retail community with the common goal of going above and beyond for our customers to make shopping and visiting Lititz an unforgettable experience for locals and tourists alike. It’s really unparalleled in my opinion.

Venture Lititz: What’s your best selling product?

Jenelle: Women’s tops and designer handbags. 

Venture Lititz: What product is your personal favorite?

Jenelle: Clothing of course! A key portion of my wardrobe is from my shop! But even more than a particular product, I love our customers and consignors. I have a social work background and a genuine interest in people. I love chatting about their families and friends as they shop, empathizing with them about a particular struggle, and seeing them beam with self confidence as they realize the outfit they just tried on looks amazing. People seek connection, and my shop is an avenue for that, while helping them look fabulous at the same time 

Venture Lititz: What made you open this particular business?

Jenelle: My youngest started kindergarten when the business was for sale, and I was ready for full-time work with a leadership role, but still needed the flexibility to schedule around my family. 

I have shopped and sold clothing at consignment stores since I was in high school. I love people, I love fashion, and I believe in excellent customer service. I also love being in charge haha… it’s been the perfect blend of interests. I have an amazing staff team who works hard and brings their own talents and skills to the store…I couldn’t do it without them and try to keep a family feel amongst my staff.

Venture Lititz: What’s your favorite spot in Lititz?

Jenelle: The stone wall by the springs in the Appalachian Brewery parking lot. I love sitting there under the trees watching the light reflect off the water when I need a quiet few minutes. It’s hidden from view but now you all know my secret spot! 

Venture Lititz: When you’re not at your shop/restaurant, where can we find you?

Jenelle: Soccer sidelines! We have three children in year-round soccer and it is a full-time schedule, but I love cheering them on! Also, at the Bulls Head sipping a custom cocktail made by one of the fabulous bartenders, and on hikes and sunset walks with my family…the beach whenever possible, and concerts big and small!


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