Event Calendar Fire & Ice Scavenger Hunt

Fire & Ice Scavenger Hunt

February 27, 2022 @ 11:00 am 4:00 pm

Brought to you by Penn State Health, free and fun for the whole community!

Did you know the Nittany Lion loves visiting Lititz?

He sure does. In fact, we spotted him just the other day. He was sneaking around town, creating clever clues. He thought it would be super fun to have Two Scavenger Hunts – one that stays in Lititz Springs Park and one that explores our Downtown. He told us these hunts are a great way to stay active, see the ice sculptures, and exercise our thinking skills.

Don’t forget to take pics along the way! Post those pics on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #PennStateHealthHunt, tag Downtown Lititz and Penn State Health on Facebook, and tag LititzPa on Instagram and Venture Lititz may choose YOU to win a special prize donated by Penn State Health!

Around Town Hunt

(scroll down for the Lititz Springs Park Hunt)

#1: The Nittany Lion respects wise, old owls but thinks Lions are the smarter breed. In fact, you may spot him at this shop on East Main Street, looking for his next great read.

Action: What’s your favorite book? Did you know Penn State Health Children’s Hospital has a book that helps kids learn about being in the hospital?

#2: The Nittany Lion found some great books to add to his vast collection. Now, he’s headed east on Main in search of a tasty, timeless confection. 

Action: Do your best candy dance in front of this destination (and remember that sweets are a special treat and we shouldn’t eat too many ☺).

#3: The Nittany Lion, with energy to spare, now opts for a longer stroll. He wants to see where heroes work – where officers start their patrol. To find your way, turn left on South Broad, and when you arrive, stand and applaud.

Action: Talk about ways police officers help our community. Thank a police officer if you see one. If you snap a selfie, share it with us! #pennstatehealthhunt

#4: The Nittany Lion, who hums while he walks, has a silly song stuck in his head. So he continues up South Broad in search of a shop where we can find better music instead.  

Action: Sing the first verse of your favorite song in front of the destination.

#5: The Nittany Lion is back on the move, headed down East Main Street. There’s a place called Slate he thinks is great, with hot cocoa to warm you, from your head to your feet. 

Action: Warm someone’s heart. Draw a happy picture or write a short message to encourage someone who is in the hospital or who works in health care taking care of people. Penn State Health is taking good care of them, but your message could make their day!

#6: The Nittany Lion has one remaining request. Make sure your message gets to someone not  feeling their best. Take your message to the post office, drop it in the box. Soon your well wishes will be shared with patients, nurses or docs!

Action: Drop your message at the post office box on the corner of Cedar and Main.

Congrats, you made it to the end and won. JOB WELL DONE!

Lititz Springs Park Hunt

#1: Lititz Springs Park is known for its big pond, but there’s a smaller one, too. It sits under a clock in front of a center that’s there to welcome you. Find the lion hanging out with his friends the ducks. But it’s right near the road, so be watchful of trucks!  

Action: When you find this lion, ROAR like lion! Post your video and #pennstatehealthhunt to share!

#2: Toward the playground and just down the path, there’s a place for heroes who have endured a wars’ wrath.  With a name often shortened to just three letters, it’s a spot for brave heroes who made our country better. Now, go to the gate that leads you there and look up for the red, white and blue. Then, always remember that you can be brave and strong, too. 

Action: Ask an adult to tell you about a brave veteran.

#3: The Nittany Lion gets exercise as often as he can swing it, then he slides in a healthy snack and carries water wherever he can bring it. Where do you think the Nittany Lion goes to swing and slide? 

Action: Name your favorite healthy snack and take some time to play.

#4: The Lion loves Penn State Football but considers another sport a good match. So, find a field where you can play a great game of catch. Athletes on every team can be glad Penn State Health is just a stone’s throw away. They help us stay healthy to play ball every day! Can you find the Nittany Lion? 

Action: Get ready for spring training. Do 10 jumping jacks. Show us you’re ready for the season. Post a photo or video #pennstatehealthhunt

#5: Your hunt is almost over. Are there any more lions around to peep? If you look really closely you might find one by the water, trying to get some sleep! Look up where the spring comes to an end to find this resting lion friend. 

If you’re not feeling well and you need more than just a good nap, your parents can find care for you anytime with Penn State Health’s OnDemand app.

Action: Show some love (or heart-shaped hands) for all the health care workers in our community! Tag us with #pennstatehealthhunt and we will share your picture with everyone at Penn State Health who takes care of our community.

Congrats, you made it to the end and won. JOB WELL DONE!