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Outdoor Adventure Just Outside of Lititz

“There’s no place like Lititz.” We find ourselves uttering this phrase a lot and while it immediately brings to mind all the charms of town, there’s more. Just outside of Lititz’s limits exists remarkable natural beauty, just waiting for you to explore.

Our recommendation? When you plan a visit, start your morning with an outdoor adventure, then head to town for lunch, shopping, and dinner. Here are a few of our favorite ways to start a day in the country:

Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area:

A view from within the Middle Creek Wildlife Management area. Driving tours are available and the roads are dreamy for serious cyclists. Photo by Tom Roe Photography.

Grab your hiking shoes and your camera. Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area is a 6,000 acre natural treasure located northeast of town. Here, amidst the lake and the high hills, over 300 species of birds and mammals make their homes. Hiking trails range from paved and fully accessible (we love the Willow Point Trail, which takes you to the lakefront) to steep and moderately challenging.

*Pro tip: When you return to town, head to Dosie Dough for a refreshing fruit smoothie!

Middle Creek Hiking Brochure

WERT: Warwick to Ephrata Rail Trail:

Pedestrians and cyclists alike enjoy the farmland views along the WERT. Photo by Amy Spangler Photography

For cyclists and walkers, the Warwick to Ephrata Rail Trail offers beautiful views without the worries of vehicle traffic. Once a bustling rail line, this trail stretches from Oak Street in Downtown Lititz to the center of Ephrata. The entire trail is 7.5 miles in length (15 out and back) and offers farmland views and even an adorable gnome village as it passes through the borough of Akron. While walking the entire trail might take some time, biking it is approachable for riders of all experience levels. Bike shares are located at the Warwick Township Building on 315 Clay Road, Lititz (a great place to start because of its ample parking and restroom facilities) and at the Dick Winters Memorial on the corner of Fulton Street and Railroad Avenue in Downtown Ephrata.

*Pro tip: Make sure you’re dressed comfortably. If you need a soft t-shirt, a snuggly sweatshirt, or a warm knit hat, head to The Tattered Shirt on Broad Street.

Wolf Sanctuary of PA & Speedwell Forge

Meet Spirit, one of the wolves who calls the Wolf Sanctuary of PA Home

This educational facility is dedicated to rescuing wolves in a responsible way. That means introducing wolves to packs and allowing them to be themselves without too much human interference. Schedule a tour and learn all about these majestic animals. When you’re done, stop and explore Speedwell Forge Lake.

*Pro tip: Fuel up before your morning tour at the Wolf Sanctuary with coffee and a breakfast sandwich from Slate Cafe. When you return, head to Aaron’s Books and grab a read that’ll teach you more about the area.

Wolf Sanctuary of PA

Speedwell Forge Hike


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