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A Gourmet Kitchen Destination

Lititz Gets Cooking at Zest!

We always stop.

Every time we pass Zest! on our downtown strolls, we find ourselves slowing and stopping to take it all in. The beautifully curated display windows, the exterior architectural details, blooming trees in the spring, overflowing flower pots in the summer, and holiday cheer when the air is cold…Zest! always shines.

And that’s no accident. Owner Sharon Landis has curated a gourmet kitchen destination that makes nationally branded shops pale in comparison. Your Zest! experience begins on the sidewalk and is only enhanced when you step inside. From cookware to spices to tableware and cookbooks, everything your favorite home chef and entertainer needs is on display. Recently, Zest! expanded their floorspace to include a special Stonewall Kitchen store-within-a-store and, in doing so, further cemented Lititz as a foodie destination. As an added bonus, Zest! also has a cooking school, just outside of town at 1180 Erbs Quarry Road. See their calendar of classes here.

We recently spoke to Sharon about her experience at Zest!

Venture Lititz: How long have you been in business?  

Sharon: 10 years

Venture Lititz: Why did you choose Lititz? 

Sharon: Lititz is an amazing little town that represents the best of America. Lititz Independence Day celebrations are legendary!

Venture Lititz: What’s your best selling product?  

Sharon: Our private label spices are a customer favorite. We have many repeat customers who have come to depend on certain spices for specific recipes. Many love their favorite spice and “put It on everything!”

Venture Lititz: What product is your personal favorite?  

Sharon: Difficult question! I really love my Appolia French ceramic bakeware from Peugeot. 

Venture Lititz: What made you open this particular business?  

Sharon: This is the kind of shop I like to visit in other towns when I am traveling. A kitchen shop always makes me feel adventurous because you will never know what you will find. I wanted to bring that feeling to Lititz. Walking into Zest is a culinary adventure with something unexpected around every corner.

Venture Lititz: What’s your favorite spot in Lititz?

Sharon: I have two favorite spots!  I love Blackworth and their live fire grill. Their chef, Max, is passionate about great food!  I also love Heavenly Soap and Scents on Main Street. Trudy does a great job curating a shop full of extraordinary scents as well as a wonderful baby and toddler section – as my two granddaughters can attest!


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